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About Us

Lawnpro is an owner operated franchise that treats lawns to ensure that you have the greenest healthiest lawn in your neighbourhood. We are passionate about gardens and go the extra mile to ensure that you have the most beautiful lawn possible.

Our Treatments

We at Lawn Pro visit your lawn once every 3 months to treat grass, remove insects and diseases. The tasks include evenly applying our unique blend of fertilizers, insect, weed and disease control agents on your lawn. We have treatments against plagues like mole crickets, termites and many more lawn issues.

The application of specialized fertilizers together with a specific Lawn-pro Lawn Boost, and other continuous lawn care elements, will ensure that the lawn is healthy all year round.

A healthy green lawn is the canvas on which a homeowner has painted his garden, a kingdom to invite friends and loved ones into and a playground for their kids to enjoy.

We want you and your family to have a safe green lawn for those traditional family games outside.

All our treatments are FAMILY and ANIMAL SAFE.


We offer lawn treatment services anywhere in Gauteng and Hartebeespoortdam.


Our products are safe for all animals and humans (especially the tiny ones.) We can apply our products at your house with the confidence that it will increase the value of your property and that you can entertain guests outside in our beautiful country with pride. Our most popular treatment for residential properties are our seasonal lawn treatment. This treatment ensures a green, healthy beautiful lawn without pests and weeds.


The most popular treatments at our commercial properties are the treatment of weeds on paving and insects. Even if your commercial property doesn't have any lawns to look after we can still ensure that you paved areas and parking areas are weed free and neat. We also spray around buildings and factories to ensure that insects and pests do not enter your premises.


Our seasonal treatment are very effective for treatments on bowling greens, golf courses, rugby fields, soccer fields, cricket pitches etc. We can treat the lawns to make the grass stronger and healthier and therefore ensure that the grass can handle the foot traffic a lot better.


The biggest concern for our agricultural sector is insects and diseases. We can identify and treat pests and diseases with our specialized products. We also have our own specialized fertilizers and boosters to help your crops along.

The Grass Is Always Greener On Our Side!

We treat your lawn and paving with our unique products every 3 months.

  • The products will boost the lawn and give more color to your lawn.
  • We will test the PH level and apply a product to change the PH to an optimal level.
  • We will get rid of insects.
  • We will apply fertilizer and a lawn booster that interacts with the fertilizer to assist with obtaining a healthy green lawn.
  • We will eliminate weeds like sorrel, milk weed, wonder lawn, green kylinga, wild garlic etc.
  • We will control weeds and grass on all your paved areas.
  • We will apply product around your house to eliminate ants.
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Contact Us

Kobus: 083 456 4043
Email: info@lawndoctorsa.co.za
Skype: Lawndoctor SA

To arrange lawn analysis or schedule treatments please contact Liza: 081 009 6993
Email: lizam@lawndoctorsa.co.za

Monday - Friday 7:00am–7:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday Closed

The advantage of an owner operated business is that you have one contact person. All Free Lawn Analysis and quotes are done by the owner to ensure you get the best advise and prices.

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